Admissions Application Form

Please fill out the form below with the necessary information OR download the PDF to be filled out and turned into the school office. 

Admissions Form

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Has your student been in an accelerated or gifted program?
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Are there any past concerns in the areas of social, emotional, behavioral that may negatively influence your student's learning ability.
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Are there any speech/language concerns present that may affect educational performance?
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Do past or present illnesses or health-related conditions present a challenge to your student's ability to learn?
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Do vision or hearing issues present a challenge to your student's ability to learn?
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Motor Abilities *
Do any current motor ability issues or need for special access to accommodations apply to your student?
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FACTS tuition application completed?
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YCHS Distinctive Agreement *
YCHS recognizes the importance of providing students an environment that supports the fundamental truth that God has given all of us the ability to learn, as well as unique talents and abilities. The purpose of formal education is to not only provide students with the tools to become informed and productive citizens in society, but also to nurture and strengthen the individual’s God-given talents and guide them in the development of their own personal relationship with their Creator. The Bible emphasizes the necessity of living a disciplined life. To that end, YCHS will partner with the parents to provide the walls of support that students need to understand that boundaries are a necessary protection in their formative years, while providing students the freedom to enjoy their learning experiences. In view of these values, I, the parent/guardian of the student named in this application, agree to support the practical expression of the Yorkville Christian High School educational philosophy, which includes: - A Christian worldview through which all subjects of study will be interpreted - The Bible as the source of authority in all mediations - Enrollment in Bible class - Participation in our monthly school-wide service learning projects held in the local community - Practical hands-on skill assignments in addition to the traditional academic core studies