Academic Philosophy

At Yorkville Christian High School the Word of God is the baseline for all of our beliefs. As your student grows academically, he/she will also grow spiritually as our courses are taught through a Biblical worldview.  We believe our curriculum serves both to prepare students for success in college and to provide them with the broad-based competencies required for living and working in contemporary society. In all instances, the school will do their best to steer each student to the most appropriate and most challenging program that he/she can handle.



Course Plan 


Bible: Route 66

Math (Pre-Alg, Alg, or Geom.)

Science (Biology)

History (World Geography)

English I

Mustang Orientation

Performance Hour


Bible: The Life of Christ

Math (Alg, Geom., or Alg. II)

Science (Agricultural)

English II

Health/Consumer Education

Performance Hour


Bible: Heroes of the Faith

Math (Geom., Alg. II, or Trig)

History (U.S.)

Science (Chemistry)

English III

Performance Hour


Bible: Game Changers

Constitutional Law

English IV

Senior Seminar

Performance Hour


Dual Credit College Courses

YCHS proudly partners with Waubonsee Community College to offer a variety of dual credit courses to its students. With these courses, students have the ability to obtain both high school and college credit for completion of a particular class. Currently offered are classes in the field of communication, criminal justice, science, and sport management. Students 10-12 grades are eligible to enroll in dual credit courses.

2017-18 Offerings (college credit hours)

  • Exercise & Sport Nutrition (3)
  • Chemistry & Lab (4)

  • Criminal Justice (3)

  • The American Court System (3)

  • Advanced Performance Training (1)

  • Speech Communication (3)

  • Mass Communications (3)

  • Sport Management (3)

  • Introduction to Coaching (3)

Service Learning

We believe that it is important for students to learn to live in gratitude for the abundance of blessings God has given them, especially the gift of salvation in Jesus Christ. We also believe that it is important to learn avenues of service and to develop habits and patterns of servanthood in our Christian walk. These opportunities aren't special occasions, but, instead, a part of our culture. Each student at YCHS will take part in monthly service learning opportunities. The school's Missions Coordinator will present students with an array of service opportunities during the year.




Service Projects

Each student will have the opportunity to serve on a missions trip during our annual "Missions Week." This may include traveling to surrounding communities, throughout the United States, and abroad. Missions Week takes place the week before spring break.


Each month, YCHS students will take part in a service learning project. Some of the projects are done on location, while others are completed at the school.

Service learning partners have included: Ronald McDonald House of Central DuPage Hospital, Grace Community Church, New Life For Old Bags, Resurrection Church of the Fox Valley, Cross Lutheran School, Kendall County Food Pantry, Crossroads Community Church, The People's Resource Center, Spirit Farms Agricultural Safety Day, Northern Illinois Food Bank, and Feed My Starving Children.

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Performance Hour

YCHS students take part each day in the Performance Hour. Students will perform in a high-interest area and receive valuable training and experience during the regular school day. This is an opportunity for students to glorify God by using their talents in the workplace, on the court, and on stage! Performance Hour consists of the following options:

Job Shadow

Students will be placed in a high-interest Job Shadow, gaining real world experience while also serving the community and Christ.


Performing Arts

Students will train in conjunction with the Yorkville Performance Arts Center (YPAC) in drama, vocals,dance, and production.


Athletic Performance

Participants will train under the guidance of Dr. Jeff Schutt, our Director of Athletic Development, who will develop a sports-specific training regiment for each athlete.


Fine Art Classes

Students interested in developing their art interest will take part in weekly classes offered through The Petite Palette. Classes will involve drawing, painting, design, and the use of various mediums.



Job Shadow Partners